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In 2023, Babar Azam encountered a series of obstacles while leading the Pakistani cricket team. The AsiaCup proved elusive for the team, and their premature exit from the ICC Cricket World Cup during the group stage compounded the challenges.

Looking ahead to the impending three-match Test series against Australia, Babar made the decision to relinquish his captaincy in all formats, signaling a notable shift in leadership.

The challenges persisted for Babar during the Australia tour, characterized by his inability to achieve a single half-century. His dismissals proved particularly frustrating for both fans and cricket enthusiasts. The Sydney Test defeat further underscored the team’s struggles, prompting Mohammad Hafeez to address Babar Azam’s recent performance in a press conference.

Mohammad Hafeez suggested the potential resting of Babar to provide him with an opportunity to rediscover his form. Hafeez stressed the importance of understanding Babar Azam’s own desires before considering a break. He highlighted that the focus should not only be on resting but also on Babar working to enhance his techniques and overall game.

Despite the challenges, Mohammad Hafeez took a moment to commend Babar Azam’s dedication and recognize the significant contributions he has made to the team’s past success. Hafeez expressed his belief that Babar can regain confidence by delivering substantial innings in Test matches, offering a hopeful perspective on Babar’s future performances.

This situation underscores the intricacies of leadership in cricket and emphasizes the need for thoughtful consideration in managing a player’s form and mental well-being. Discussions regarding resting Babar reflect the team’s commitment to supporting its players and optimizing their on-field performance. The upcoming Test matches present an opportunity for BabarĀ  to bounce back and reaffirm his status as a key player for the Pakistan cricket team.

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