Bahawalnagar police brutality
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Bahawalnagar Police Brutality: In Bahawalnagar, Pakistan, a police scandal has erupted after officers illegally detained and tortured a man, demanding bribes for his release. The stationhouse master (SHO) of Haroonabad City Police Station has been suspended, along with four other officers booked for their involvement.

Tasleem Bibi, the victim’s wife, reported that officers barged into their home without warrants and abducted Muhammad Asif. He was subjected to torture in custody and the family was pressured with a hefty bribe demand for his release. Even the SHO allegedly participated in the extortion attempt.

Despite Asif having no criminal record, the officers held him in a private torture cell, inflicting physical and emotional abuse. This egregious act prompted an investigation by Bahawalnagar District Police Officer Naseebullah Khan, who confirmed the incident and held the officers accountable.

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As a result, the involved officers, including the SHO, face suspension and official inquiries. Additionally, a criminal case has been registered against them, ensuring legal repercussions for their actions.

This incident highlights the crucial need for police accountability and transparency in Pakistan. The swift action taken against the accused officers serves as a reminder that such abuses of power will not be tolerated.

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