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The telecom networks in Pakistan is undergoing a significant transformation, impacting business cases, profits, and services. The national telecom authority has released a comprehensive survey to determine the best and worst telecom networks in the country.

– 0.25 million Mobile Broadband tests

– 45,000 Calls & SMS tests

– 0.13 million Ookla Speed tests

The mobile networks were ranked in four positions based on their compliance with defined thresholds in QoS Regulations:

– Mobile Network Coverage

– Mobile Broadband

– Voice

– SMS Services

PTA classified the networks based on:

– SMS quality

– Voice quality

– Mobile Broadband

– Data

– Latency

– Internet browsingBest and Worst Telecom Networks in Pakistan: Survey Findings

Over 300 calls failed during 20,485 call attempts. 143 calls dropped before completing two minutes, while 20,003 calls remained connected for the complete duration. Furthermore, 20,433 SMS sending attempts were conducted, with 20,372 SMS successfully sent.

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