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In a surprising move, the Power Division’s recent denial of ending the net metering policy has been revealed to be false, as a leaked document shows special instructions from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to rationalize net metering tariffs and amend Net Metering Regulations.Net metering policy

 Implications of the New Policy

High-level sources confirm that the federal government plans to impose fixed charges on households with solar systems and establish dual rates for buying and selling solar-powered electricity. This move is expected to affect over 113,000 consumers with net-metering licenses in Pakistan, who will now have to pay a monthly fixed charge for their solar energy consumption.

Dual Rates for Solar-Powered Electricity

The proposed changes aim to squeeze more money from solar users and introduce a separate tariff category. The federal government plans to devise dual rates for the purchase and sale of solar-powered electricity in the country, which will be collected on a monthly basis.

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Amendment of Net Metering Regulations

The authorities plan to amend Net Metering Regulation and introduce a separate tariff category to squeeze out more money from solar users who want to avoid the drastically unaffordable grid electricity.

600 MW Solar Power Plant in Collaboration with Saudi Investors

Besides net metering, the federal government has approved setting up a 600 MW solar power plant in collaboration with investors from Saudi Arabia. This marks a significant shift in Pakistan’s energy policy, as the country moves towards renewable energy sources.

Energy Minister’s Assurance Contradicted

This move comes despite Energy Minister Awais Leghari’s assurance on May 20, 2024, that solar net metering remained a high priority for the coalition government.

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