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In 2024, Canada is poised to launch a distinctive visa tailored for freelancers and digital nomads, providing them the opportunity to reside and work remotely within the nation without the necessity of physically occupying office spaces.

The objective behind this initiative is to draw in global talent, with the visa specifically designed for digital nomad, defined as independent contractors capable of carrying out their work from any location within Canadian boundaries. This innovative program replaces the previous constraint of a six-month limit on tourist visas for digital nomad.

Furthermore, the government is actively developing a “tech talent strategy” to bolster the country’s workforce by attracting foreign professionals, particularly in the IT sector. Canadian Government is committed to fostering¬† work remotely, and more comprehensive details regarding this initiative are anticipated in the upcoming months.

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Recent statistics reveal a growing trend in the United States, where 17.3 million Americans, constituting approximately 11% of the workforce, now identify as digital nomad.

This signifies a rising inclination towards freelancing, indicating a 2% increase from 2022. Canadian government move aligns with the global trend of nations adapting to the evolving nature of work by streamlining procedures and promoting remote work, especially for qualified professionals.

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