Unlock Conversational Power with Meta AI Chatbot on WhatsApp in Pakistan
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WhatsApp users in Pakistan can now access the long-awaited Meta AI chatbot, as the update has finally arrived.

No manual update is necessary as this change is implemented server-side, yet it’s advisable to keep your app updated, particularly if you haven’t yet spotted the new feature.

To engage with Meta AI, users can simply tap the new search bar labeled “Ask Meta AI or Search” or utilize the Meta AI icon to initiate chats. Similar to ChatGPT, Meta AI operates as a conversational AI chatbot, designed to respond to typed queries using Meta’s Llama 2 open-source AI model.

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Upon access, Meta AI offers a variety of prompts such as “Help set fitness goals”, “Solo travel benefits”, “Home maintenance 101”, among others. Users can also input custom prompts via the text box at the bottom, and even communicate using emojis.

Additionally, Meta AI distinguishes itself by generating AI images within minutes, though these are limited in resolution and identified as AI-made. These images are easily downloadable and shareable within WhatsApp, including group chats.

On WhatsApp Desktop, Meta AI appears as “AI Character”, maintaining the same functionality despite the name difference. Messages exchanged with the chatbot are synchronized across all devices, ensuring continuity between phone and desktop experiences.

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