Deepfake Video Scandal
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Delhi Police announced on Saturday that they have apprehended an individual in relation to a Deepfake Video Scandal featuring actor Rashmika Mandanna, which had gained widespread circulation on various social media platforms.

The arrested individual, suspected to be the originator of the manipulated video, was taken into custody in south India and subsequently transported to Delhi, where authorities are currently conducting an interrogation process.

In response to the incident, an official reported that an FIR (First Information Report) was filed on November 10, invoking relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code such as 465 (punishment for forgery) and 469 (forgery for the purpose of harming reputation). Additionally, sections 66C and 66E of the Information Technology Act were applied, marking the involvement of the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) Unit within the Delhi Police’s Special Cell.

Following the FIR registration, the IFSO Unit promptly communicated with Meta, seeking the URL and other pertinent details necessary for identifying the individual responsible for creating and disseminating the video on social media platforms, officials stated.

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