Eid ul Fitr 2024 in Pakistan: Date Revealed by PMD | Fast Observance and Holiday Schedule
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The anticipated date for Eid ul Fitr 2024 in Pakistan has been disclosed by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

As per the information provided by the Met Office, it is projected that Muslims throughout the nation will mark Eid on April 11, indicating a total of 30 fasts to be observed during Ramadan this year by Pakistanis.

March 12 marked the commencement of the holy month in Pakistan, with the Shawwal moon expected to be sighted on April 10 (Wednesday).

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In the preceding December, the Cabinet Division released the schedule of holidays for the ongoing year, designating April 10 to April 12 (Wednesday to Friday) as off days for Eid ul Fitr celebrations.

Following the Eid ul Fitr holidays, the ensuing weekend is poised to offer an extended break, affording numerous Pakistanis a cumulative five days off.

Eid in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is slated to begin on April 10, with Ibrahim Al Jarwan, the chairman of the board of directors of the Emirates Astronomy Society, suggesting the Shawwal moon’s sighting on April 9, as per reports from Gulf News. Additionally, Jarwan predicts Ramadan to span 30 days.

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