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The Punjab temporary administration has decided to prolong the winter vacation for schools by one more week, attributing it to the severe cold weather prevailing in the region. The announcement of this decision was made by Mohsin Naqvi, the interim Chief Minister of Punjab. This extension primarily impacts students in Class one and below (Nursery, Prep, and KG), leading to the suspension of their classes for the additional week. The decision aligns with the Meteorological Office’s forecast of cold and dry weather in Punjab, accompanied by prevalent fog.

To address the challenging weather conditions, the government has not only extended the holidays but also made adjustments to school timings. Commencing from January 10 to January 22, classes are now scheduled to start at 9:30 am. This modification is a proactive measure in response to concerns about the heightened risk of pneumonia, which sadly resulted in the loss of several children’s lives.

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In light of the unfortunate deaths, the government has also opted to postpone exams. This decision underscores a prioritization of student well-being and safety amidst the adverse weather conditions. The simultaneous adjustment of both vacation duration and school timings demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring the health and welfare of students in the region during the winter season.

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