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Cotton Crisis– Adverse weather conditions have impacted white lint yield in major cotton-producing countries, including Pakistan, during the current crop season. Despite this, there is no apparent influence on the cotton markets.

Pakistan initially set a production target of 12.8 million bales for the 2023-24 cotton year, later revising it down to 11.15 million bales due to severe weather and a whitefly attack in Punjab. Concerns arise as cotton production may decrease significantly to around 8.5 million bales.

In the United States, the anticipated cotton production for this year was initially 15.5 million bales but has been adjusted to 12.78 million bales. The Cotton Association of India estimates a domestic production of approximately 29.4 million bales, down from 31.9 million bales in the previous year, attributing the decline to an unexpected heat wave and a severe pink bollworm attack.

China is expected to produce 25.8 million bales of cotton this year, a decrease from the previous year’s 27.5 million bales. There are concerns about reduced domestic production, leading to increased cotton purchases from Pakistan and the USA.

Ihsanul Haq, chairman of the Cotton Ginners Forum, notes the rising popularity of the ‘triple gene’ cotton variety in Pakistan due to its resistance to pink bollworm. However, he warns about herbicides affecting soil and other crops, leading to low wheat germination and the need for some farmers to cultivate wheat twice. Haq urges agricultural scientists to develop non-harmful herbicides for this cotton variety, addressing concerns among growers and seed companies.

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