Government Set to Raise Petrol Prices in Upcoming Petroleum Review
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The forthcoming petroleum price review by the federal government is anticipated to result in an increase in the price of petrol.

Insiders suggest that there has been an uptick of approximately Rs. 10 per liter in the ex-refinery price of petrol. If the government decides to pass on this increased cost to consumers, petrol prices are expected to rise by approximately Rs. 10 per liter.

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Conversely, the price of high-speed diesel is forecasted to remain stable, as its ex-refinery price has experienced a decrease of about Rs. 1.30 per liter.

During the previous bi-weekly petroleum price review, which marked the first under the new administration, the price of petrol remained unchanged, while high-speed diesel witnessed a reduction of Rs. 1.77 per liter.

The official announcement of the new prices is scheduled for March 31st, with the adjustments taking effect from April 1st.

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