How to Restore Blocked Mobile SIMs for Income Tax Non-Filers in Pakistan
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Blocked mobile SIMs of  non-filers of income tax returns  will be reinstated by the respective Commissioner Inland Revenue responsible.

Some non-filers have submitted their tax returns after their SIMs were blocked and now seek to have their SIMs restored. There are two primary methods for restoring a blocked mobile SIM.

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The simpler approach involves contacting the FBR helpline to inform them that the tax return has been filed. After verification, the blocked SIM will be reactivated within 48 hours. Alternatively, individuals can visit the relevant Commissioner Inland Revenue at the Regional Tax Office that handles their case.

Non-filers should go to their respective tax office to notify officials about the filing of their tax return to have their mobile phone SIM restored.

According to the FBR, these blocked SIMs will remain inactive until they are restored either by the FBR or the appropriate Commissioner Inland Revenue.

Per Section 114B of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, the Board or the Commissioner with jurisdiction can order the restoration of mobile phones, SIMs, and connections for electricity and gas if they are satisfied that (a) the tax return has been filed, or (b) the individual was not required to file a return under the Ordinance.

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