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Makkah Heavy Rains– In the middle of Makkah, there is a beautiful area at the bottom of Mount Hira. It recently became even more beautiful because of some heavy rain. This lovely scene shows how nature can be kind. It makes the area around Hira Mountain, also called Noor Mountain, look green and lively.

Makkah Heavy Rains

Makkah Landscape– The pictures taken after the rain show a big change in the landscape. The dry land turns into a green carpet, covering the rough slopes with attractive green colors. This change is proof that even in dry places, there is beauty waiting to come alive with a bit of rain.

Mount Hira is a special mountain in Makkah, standing tall at 642 meters. It’s important throughout the year for pilgrims and visitors. The mountain starts high at 380 meters and then slopes gently. It covers a big area of five square kilometers. The top of the mountain looks like the hump of a camel, making it even more interesting.

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Islamic historical site: Besides being visually stunning, Mount Hira is also very important in Islamic history. This is where the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, first heard the words of the Quran in the Cave of Hira. This is a special moment in the history of Islam.Makkah landscape
Mount Hira transformation, Makkah Heavy Rains Nature's beauty after rain
Islamic historical site
Greenery in Makkah

Greenery in makkah: When people walk on the green ground at the bottom of the mountain, they’re not just seeing a pretty change. They are connecting with a place that has a lot of history, spirituality, and natural beauty. Mount Hira, covered in greenery after the rain, is a living example of how nature’s beauty and important stories come together in Makkah.

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