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Mickey Arthur, who used to lead the Pakistan cricket team, recently talked about why he left his job suddenly. This got people talking about how things are going in Pakistan cricket now. In an interview, Arthur said his firing surprised him, and he shared details about how the decision was made.

The main part of Arthur’s story is about a meeting after the World Cup, where he found out that the whole support team and the team captain were being replaced. This was unexpected for him and showed that the people in charge of Pakistan cricket didn’t communicate well. Arthur felt sad about how suddenly he had to leave, and it made people wonder if the way coaching changes are managed is professional.

Arthur didn’t keep quiet about his worries about bigger problems in Pakistan cricket. Even though he recognized that Pakistan has a lot of talented players, he was upset that there aren’t strong support systems. He believed that a lack of good planning held the team back from doing well internationally.

When Arthur talked about the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), he stressed the importance of having a smart and long-term plan for choosing coaches. He wanted stable leadership, both on and off the field, to give players a good environment for getting better. This shows concerns about how things are not very stable in Pakistan cricket administration, especially with frequent changes in coaching.

As people in the cricket community discuss what Arthur said, it brings attention to the problems faced by Pakistan, a big cricketing nation. The interview not only explains why Arthur left but also starts conversations about the changes needed to make Pakistan cricket stronger and let its hidden talent shine.

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