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The Perseverance rover from NASA has been exploring Mars for 1,000 days. It’s now looking at rocks that tell us about a river delta on Mars that’s billions of years old. Scientists want to find clues about ancient life in these rocks. The rover is in a place called Jezero Crater on Mars. In November 2023, a special camera on the rover took 993 pictures, and when you put them together, it makes a big picture with 2.38 billion tiny dots, kind of like a puzzle.

This big picture shows everything around the rover at a place called “Airey Hill.” You can see parts of the rover in the picture, but they look a bit weird because of how the pictures were put together.

Scientists made the picture look more colorful to help them understand things better. They made it brighter and showed more differences in colors. They did this to make it easier to see things, like we do on Earth. If we were on Mars, things would actually look darker and more reddish.

So, scientists are using this big, colorful picture to learn more about the Martian landscape and rocks.

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