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During his recent visit to the Karachi Passport Office, Mustafa Jamal Qazi, the Director-General of Passports Pakistan, announced a significant development concerning e-passports in the country. He revealed that starting in 2027, it would be mandatory to issue e-passports.

Qazi explained that all the necessary arrangements for transitioning from the current system of machine-readable passports to e-passport are in the final stages. Moreover, he declared the introduction of a new passport system as part of this transition within the next six to seven months.

According to Mustafa Jamal, a total of 6.5 million passports have been issued to Pakistani nationals intending to travel abroad in the current year.

Addressing concerns about the alleged issuance of thousands of Pakistani passports to Afghan nationals, the official assured that a high-level task force had been formed to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Furthermore, he claimed that there would be no more delays in passport issuance as the government had secured a sufficient quantity of the required lamination paper for printing new passports.

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