Pak Suzuki New Exchange Deal: 'Purani do, Nai Lo’
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Pak Suzuki new exchange deal, enabling customers to exchange their old Suzuki vehicles for a brand-new Wagon R while receiving an exchange bonus of Rs. 150,000.

Amidst challenges within Pakistan’s auto sector, Suzuki emerges with enticing offers, particularly focusing on its popular hatchback models. The latest announcement from Pak Suzuki unveils an ‘Exchange Bonus’ initiative named ‘Purani do, Nai Lo’, targeting individuals looking to upgrade their old Suzuki models for a new Wagon R.

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Additionally, Suzuki’s recent social media update encapsulates the essence of the offer:

“Experience boundless joy by trading in your old car for the new Wagon R and receive an exchange bonus of Rs. 150,000.”

This promotion follows Suzuki’s broader campaign covering its entire range, including models like the Alto, Wagon R, and Swift. The aim is to assist customers in realizing their automotive aspirations, potentially saving up to Rs. 800,000. It’s important to note that the exact value received upon trading in an old car depends on its model and condition.

Pak Suzuki Faces Challenges Behind these enticing offers lies a narrative of declining sales and profit margins for Pak Suzuki. Recent data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) reveals a 27% decrease in Pak Suzuki’s annual sales compared to the previous year. However, there’s a glimmer of hope in the month-on-month sales, indicating a 16% rise in March 2024 compared to February, with 4,101 vehicles sold.

Breaking down the sales figures, Pak Suzuki Motors Company sold 3,373 units of the Alto, 320 units of the Suzuki Cultus, 136 units of the Suzuki Wagon R, 663 units of the Suzuki Swift, 183 units of the Suzuki Bolan, and 210 units of the Suzuki Ravi.

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