Pakistan-China Historic Lunar Mission: Joint Launch to the Moon
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Pakistan’s historic lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, is scheduled for launch on May 3 (Friday) aboard China’s ‘Chang’e 6’ from Hainan, China, according to APP. The live broadcast of the event will be available on IST’s platforms. The mission’s primary objective is to gather lunar surface samples for extensive research purposes.

ICUBE-Q, the satellite at the heart of this mission, is the result of collaboration between IST, China’s Shanghai University SJTU, and Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO. Additionally, Pakistan’s CubeSat Satellite, iCube-Q, developed by IST, will be an integral part of this endeavor.

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CubeSats are renowned for their compact size and standardized design, playing significant roles in scientific research and educational initiatives in space exploration. Pakistan’s active participation in this lunar exploration venture underscores its commitment to space exploration and its partnership with China in driving forward global scientific research and technological innovation.

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