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The recent announcement from the Caretaker Federal Minister of Health about cutting down the ICU Medicine Prices is a positive move towards enhancing accessibility and affordability of essential healthcare in Pakistan. This decision, which gained the nod from the federal cabinet, specifically focuses on colistimethate sodium, a crucial medication for treating certain infections.

It’s truly commendable that there’s been a significant 55 to 65 percent reduction in the price of colistimethate sodium across Pakistan. This step directly eases the financial burden on patients in need of intensive care. The reduced cost of medical injections, especially for 1 million units, dropping from Rs 2,987 to Rs 1,036, showcases a clear positive impact on the affordability of life-saving treatments. This cost cut also extends to injections with 2 million and 3 million units, underlining a commitment to ensuring essential medicines are more accessible at various levels of care.

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