Pakistan electricity price hike
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Islamabad, Pakistan: Brace yourselves, Pakistani consumers, as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has proposed a staggering Rs. 7.13 per unit increase in electricity prices for January 2024. This proposed hike, based on fuel cost adjustments (FCA), would hit consumers served by ex-Wapda Distribution Companies (DISCOs) and is set to further strain already stretched budgets.

Public Hearing Scheduled, Burden on Inflation-Hit Masses: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) will hold a public hearing on the proposed Pakistan electricity price hike on February 23, 2024. If approved, the FCA will be collected in March bills, adding another layer of financial burden on consumers already grappling with inflation exceeding 34%. This comes after a previous Rs. 4.56 per unit FCA increase approved for December, impacting February bills.

CPPA Cites Cost Discrepancy:

The CPPA argues the need for the Pakistan electricity price hike due to a significant difference in costs. While consumers were charged Rs. 7.489 per unit in January, the agency claims the cost of energy delivered to DISCOs was Rs. 14.62 per unit. However, this justification raises concerns about affordability and economic hardship, especially considering the already dire financial situation of many Pakistanis.

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