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“Lahore – The caretaker government of Punjab has announced the closure of all educational institutes in cities affected by smog throughout the country. Ten cities have been severely impacted by smog. In a press conference, the caretaker chief minister announced that markets will open at 3:00 PM on Friday, while businesses will remain completely closed on Sunday.smog Pakistan

The major cause of  smog is the burning of stubble in India, which is affecting Lahore and nearby cities. The government is taking all necessary measures to address the situation. Artificial rain will also be induced if the weather is suitable. The reduced use of fuel-dependent vehicles will be encouraged, and subsidized rates will be offered to provide electric bikes to the general public, especially students. A comprehensive plan has also been devised for the implementation of the electric vehicle policy for electric bikes.

According to a government notification shared by the caretaker government, the order will be implemented in Lahore, Sheikupura, Gujrat, Mandibahuddin, Sialkot, Hafizabad, Narowal, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Gujranwala from November 20 to November 26.

As Lahore still ranks as the most populated city in the world today, the government has asked citizens in these ten cities to wear masks while going out. The poor air quality index of the city has compelled the caretaker government to implement these strict measures for the health of the general public.”


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  1. اور دنیا میں اس کا حل کیا عوام نے کیا کرنا ہے کونسی ٹیکنالوجی استعمال ہو سکتی ہے اورریسرچ کر کے ڈالو

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