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Pakistani Automotive Landscape-A Landmark Achievement Unveiled

In a momentous event that marked the culmination of numerous leaks, speculations, and hints, Indus Motor Company (IMC) proudly introduced its inaugural locally assembled hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) – the Corolla Cross hybrid. The revelation took place during a prestigious line-off ceremony held in Karachi, gathering key figures from Toyota and esteemed government dignitaries.

Gratitude and Friendship

During the ceremony, Mohamedali R. Habib, the Chairman of IMC, extended his gratitude to all those who played a pivotal role in supporting this groundbreaking achievement. He emphasized the enduring friendship between Japan and Pakistan, underscoring the collaborative efforts that led to this historic moment.

Global Recognition and Optimism

Yoshiyuki Takai, President of Toyota’s Emerging-market Compact Car Company, graced the occasion and highlighted the increasing preference for HEVs in Asian countries. Expressing optimism, Takai anticipated that Pakistani customers would warmly embrace the Corolla Cross hybrid HEV, recognizing it as an attractive, efficient, and exhilarating vehicle – mirroring its success in other global markets.


Unveiling the Power Within: Price, Specs & Features

Engine Prowess (CBU)

The Corolla Cross Hybrid boasts a 1798cc hybrid engine, delivering a robust 168hp at 3600 RPM and an impressive torque of 305Nm at 3600 RPM. Power is seamlessly transmitted through the Direct Shift CVT transmission.


The pricing structure for the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross in Pakistan is as follows: starting at PKR 12,249,000 for the base model, the Low Grade variant, and escalating to PKR 13,419,000 for the Premium High Grade, the top-tier offering. These listed prices are exclusive of any additional charges and represent the ex-factory rates for the respective models.

Breaking down the specifications and features for each variant:

  • Toyota Corolla Cross Low Grade: Priced at PKR 12,249,000, this model boasts a 1798 cc hybrid engine with automatic transmission. Key features include 2 airbags, push start, driving modes, climate control, traction control, hill start assist control, and vehicle stability control.
  • Toyota Corolla Cross Smart Mid Grade: Available at PKR 13,099,000, this variant offers a 1798 cc hybrid engine with automatic transmission. Notable features comprise 2 airbags, rear AC vents, navigation, push start, driving modes, climate control, and cruise control.
  • Toyota Corolla Cross Premium High Grade: Positioned at PKR 13,419,000, the Premium High Grade model is equipped with a 1798 cc hybrid engine and automatic transmission. It stands out with an extensive feature set, including 7 airbags, power boot, sunroof, moonroof, rear AC vents, navigation, and push start.

For prospective buyers, it’s essential to note that these prices are indicative of the ex-factory rates, and additional on-road costs may apply.

Exterior Elegance

In terms of aesthetics, the top-of-the-line variant boasts LED headlamps and DRLs, while the low-end variant features halogen counterparts. Both variants showcase body-colored door handles, electric + auto-fold side-view mirrors, and a sleek shark fin antenna. The 17-inch alloy rims add a touch of sophistication to all variants.

Interior Opulence

Inside, the Corolla Cross Hybrid treats its occupants to an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, plush leather seats, Auto AC dual-mode, and rear AC vents. The low-end variants offer fabric seats, a basic audio system with CD/BT, Single-Mode Auto AC, and no AC vents for rear seats.Pakistani Automotive Landscape Corolla Cross Hybrid

Safety Beyond Limits

Safety takes center stage with the international model featuring 7 airbags, including driver, passenger, side, drive knee, and curtains. The low-end variant is equipped with dual airbags. Both variants ensure safety with ABS, Hill Starting Assist System, parking sensors, and a passenger seat sensor.

Luxury and Convenience

Distinguishing features of the top-of-the-line variant include a moonroof, cruise control, shark fin antenna, rear wiper with auto sensors, and a Push Start feature – all contributing to an elevated driving experience. Meanwhile, the low-end variant opts for simplicity without cruise control.

Driving Modes and Smart Technology

All variants offer Sports + Eco driving modes, catering to diverse driving preferences. The company has also incorporated the convenience of a Push Start feature and smart entry across all upcoming models.

A Bold Step into the Future

With the locally assembled Corolla Cross Hybrid, Indus Motor Company not only propels itself into a new era of sustainable mobility but also offers Pakistani consumers a compelling choice that seamlessly blends performance, elegance, and safety. As the automotive landscape evolves, this groundbreaking vehicle stands as a testament to innovation and collaborative progress.

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