Fuel prices
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Once again, the people of Pakistan find themselves at the cusp of a biweekly adjustment in fuel prices, anticipating a welcomed decline in fuel costs.

Earlier reports indicated a substantial downturn in global oil prices, fostering expectations of a significant reduction in petroleum product prices within Pakistan.

Speculations circulated, suggesting a potential Rs. 13 reduction in gasoline prices and an even more substantial Rs. 15 per liter decrease in diesel prices.

The government has now formally disclosed its decision, establishing the new gasoline price at Rs. 267.34, reflecting a substantial Rs. 14 decrease from the previous rate of Rs. 281.34.

Diesel has also undergone a notable price decline, presently positioned at Rs. 276.21 in contrast to its preceding rate of Rs. 289.71—an appreciable Rs. 13.50 reduction.Fuel Prices

This announcement aims to momentarily alleviate the burden on the general population as they contend with persistent economic challenges.

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