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On January 17, due to an internet outage during the PTI virtual Jalsa, Pakistan incurred a loss of billions of rupees in its economy.

According to details, the PTI virtual Jalsa caused internet service disruption nationwide on Sunday, resulting in a financial setback of billions of rupees for the country’s economy.PTI Virtual Jalsa

Journalist Ihtesham ul Haq, in a tweet, revealed that due to internet service failures and slowdowns, the country’s economy suffered a loss of 1.3 billion rupees. He mentioned that these figures were released by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics.

It’s noteworthy that on January 17, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held the country’s first virtual session in which PTI’s central leadership and expatriate leaders participated. The session was live-streamed on all social media accounts.

However, during the session, reports emerged of internet service disruptions, slowdowns, or link downs on social media platforms nationwide. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had also announced an investigation into the impact on internet services

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