Anticipated Salary Boost for Government Employees in June 2024
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Punjab Budget 2024-25-In a bid to provide relief to the people of Punjab, the provincial government has announced that it will present a tax-free budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25. The budget will be presented in the Punjab Assembly on June 12, according to Finance Minister Shuja.

The minister revealed that the budget will focus on the welfare of farmers, with a special package of Rs400 billion allocated for the agriculture sector. The Farmers’ Card, aimed at supporting farmers, will be launched on August 14.

Additionally, the government has proposed a 20% increase in salaries for government employees, with a total allocation of Rs597 billion for salaries and Rs447 billion for pensions. The budget also includes provisions for development projects, with an allocation of Rs800 billion.

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Other key allocations include Rs30 billion for the Ramadan Package, Rs8 billion for the Central Business District (CBD), Rs600 billion for the education sector, and Rs406 billion for the health sector. The Chief Minister’s Roshan Gharana program has also been allocated Rs9.8 billion.

The government has estimated that Rs841 billion will be spent on service delivery during the next fiscal year. With a total budget volume of Rs53.9 trillion, the government aims to prioritize the welfare of the people of Punjab.

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