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The Punjab government has announced a revolutionary scheme to provide free solar systems to 50,000 deserving households in the province. According to documents, households consuming up to 100 units of electricity per month will be eligible for the free solar system.

The provincial government will bear all expenses, and consumers can register through SMS. The scheme aims to benefit low-income households, and the government will spend Rs 10 billion on the project.

According to documents, eligible consumers can register by sending their bill reference number and ID card number to 8800.

In other words, consumers who are eligible for the free solar system scheme can register by sending their bill reference number and ID card number via SMS to 8800.

Households stealing electricity or tampering with meters will not be eligible for the scheme. Consumers will only need to pay Rs 7,000 to get the complete solar system.

The scheme will be implemented from July 1, and the Energy Department has been granted approval to establish a project management unit. The government has also decided to provide the data of consumers using less than 100 units of electricity to the National Telecommunication Corporation.

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After verification, the data will be provided to PITB, and the final lists will be sent to the district administration. The government has allocated funds for the scheme in the new fiscal year’s budget.

This initiative is a significant step towards providing affordable and sustainable energy to the people of Punjab. The free solar system scheme will not only reduce electricity bills but also help reduce power theft and line losses.

The government has taken a commendable step towards empowering the citizens of Punjab, and this scheme is expected to bring a significant change in the lives of the deserving households.

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