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The surge in demand for solar panels in anticipation of the upcoming summer season has resulted in a substantial uptick in Solar Panel Prices.

In specific terms, the pricing of solar panels has experienced a surge, escalating from Rs. 75,000 to 300,000. For example, a 7-kilowatt system that previously carried a price tag of Rs. 850,000 has now surpassed Rs. 920,000.

In a parallel trend, the cost of a 10-kilowatt solar panel system has risen from Rs. 11 lac to Rs. 12.5 lac.

Furthermore, a 12-kilowatt system is presently priced at Rs. 16 lac, reflecting an increase from its earlier cost of Rs. 14 lac.

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Simultaneously, the cost of a 15-kilowatt system has seen a hike of Rs. 300,000, reaching a new total of Rs. 18 lac.

The escalation in prices primarily impacts solar panel systems integrated into the grid, with added expenses incurred for hybrid setups involving batteries for energy storage.

The growing expenses associated with solar panels are placing financial strain on consumers, particularly those participating in the federal government’s net metering project.

The fluctuating prices of solar panels in Pakistan can be attributed to various economic factors and occasional political instability within the country. The reputation of the brand, efficiency rating, capacity, and specific installation requirements contribute further to the escalating costs.

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