Stern Warning on Umrah Visas Misuse: Saudi Authorities Issue Firm Directive
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As Saudi Arabia prepares for Hajj 2024, authorities have launched a crackdown on illegal Hajj pilgrims, warning those attempting to enter Mecca illegally or using fake documents. Recently, a Pakistani citizen was arrested by Jeddah Police for sharing false information and making fraudulent claims regarding Hajj campaigns, accommodation, and travel facilities.

Legal Action Initiated

According to local reports, legal action has been initiated against the individual, with public prosecution recommended. This move aims to deter others from engaging in similar activities.

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Warnings Issued to Travel Agents and Hotels

Travel agents and hotels have also been cautioned against participating in any illegal activities, including offering fake Hajj packages or services. Authorities have advised the public not to respond to advertisements offering Hajj bracelets, travel facilities, or services to perform Hajj on behalf of others.

Reporting Illegal Activities

The security authority has urged the public to report any illegal or suspicious activity to 911 in Makkah, Riyadh, and Al Sharqiya, or to 999 in other cities. Heavy fines will be incurred for those found engaging in such activities.

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