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Saudi Arabia is making significant strides in becoming a global hub for skilled professionals and investments through the introduction of five innovative visas types, collectively termed ‘Premium Residency products.’ This initiative is a pivotal step in the country’s pursuit of economic transformation, aiming to create employment opportunities, foster knowledge transfers, and elevate its global standing.

Importance of the Initiative

In a bid to accelerate the Kingdom’s economic trajectory, the Premium Residency Centre, under the leadership of Dr Majid bin Abdullah Alkassabi, has unveiled these new visa categories. The primary objective is to cultivate a knowledge-based, diversified economy across various sectors, aligning with the ambitious goals set forth in Saudi Vision 2030.

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Overview of the Five Innovative Visas Categoriesinnovative visas

Special Talent Residency

The first category, ‘Special Talent Residency,’ is tailored for executives and professionals specializing in healthcare, science, and research. It seeks to attract individuals with unique skills and experiences capable of contributing significantly to knowledge and technology transfers.

Gifted Residency

The ‘Gifted Residency’ category aims to integrate skilled professionals and talented individuals into Saudi Arabia’s vibrant cultural and sports sectors, fostering growth and development in these areas.

Investor Residency

The ‘Investor Residency’ is designed for investors keen on capitalizing on Saudi Arabia’s thriving business landscape, providing an avenue for generating high-impact returns across the economy.

Entrepreneur Residency

The ‘Entrepreneur Residency’ targets aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects, offering an opportunity to launch and develop start-ups in Saudi Arabia. This contributes directly to the nation’s ambitious economic transformation journey.

Real Estate Owner Residency

Lastly, the ‘Real Estate Owner Residency’ caters to individuals who own real estate and are seeking to enjoy the Kingdom’s exceptional quality of life. It also allows them to benefit from the promising real estate market, which has undergone rapid and comprehensive development.

Collaboration with Strategic Partners

These five new products have been developed collaboratively with the Premium Residency Centre’s strategic partners across various government entities. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and well-rounded program, aligning with the broader goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Benefits for Visa Holders

Holders of these Premium Residency products enjoy a plethora of benefits. They have the ability to conduct business, own real estate, obtain work permits for themselves and their family members, and many more advantages facilitated by the Premium Residency Center in cooperation with government partners.

Lack of Specifics

Despite the comprehensive details about the new visa categories, certain specifics remain undisclosed. Information regarding the duration of these visas and the associated costs for investors and entrepreneurs is yet to be provided.

Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Alkassabi’s Perspective

Dr. Alkassabi, Chairman of the Board of the Premium Residency Centre, emphasizes that these Premium Residency products are open to individuals who can add value to the national economy. Active participation in Saudi Arabia’s rapid development journey is encouraged, aligning with the broader vision of economic diversification.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s introduction of Premium Residency products marks a pivotal moment in its economic evolution. The targeted approach towards attracting skilled professionals, talents, and investors demonstrates a commitment to fostering growth and innovation. As the Kingdom moves forward on its journey towards economic diversification, these new visa categories are set to play a crucial role in shaping its global status.

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