Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Assault on Cassie Ventura Captured in Hotel CCTV Footage"
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In a recently unearthed 2016 surveillance video obtained exclusively by CNN, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs can be seen engaging in physical violence against his former partner, Casandra Cassie Ventura, within the confines of a hotel corridor.

The footage, meticulously captured from various vantage points, captures the distressing sight of Combs pursuing Ventura down the hallway clad only in a towel, subsequently subjecting her to physical assault near the elevator area, and forcibly attempting to drag her back.

This disturbing incident purportedly unfolded at the InterContinental Hotel situated in Century City, Los Angeles, a fact corroborated by CNN through publicly accessible interior images.

Following the altercation, wherein Ventura is forcibly pushed to the ground, Combs is observed seizing her belongings, including her purse and suitcase, before delivering another blow to her prone form as she lies on the floor, visibly defenseless.

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Ventura is then depicted gradually rising to her feet, collecting her scattered belongings, and eventually reaching out for assistance via a hotel telephone.

CNN’s investigative efforts reveal that Combs later procured the hallway surveillance footage from the InterContinental Century City for a sum totaling $50,000.

This damning visual evidence seemingly bolsters the grave allegations laid forth in a lawsuit filed by Ventura in 2023, which accuses Combs of involvement in trafficking, sexual assault, and a pattern of physical abuse spanning over a decade.

According to legal documents, the altercation, pinpointed to have occurred “around March 2016,” was triggered by Combs’ excessive intoxication, culminating in him physically assaulting Ventura and inflicting a black eye.

In the aftermath of the violent confrontation, Ventura purportedly endeavored to exit the hotel room while Combs was in a state of repose, only to be pursued and accosted by him within the hotel hallway, where he proceeded to hurl glass vases in her direction, creating a perilous environment as she sought refuge in the elevator.

The lawsuit against Combs was promptly settled the following day, with the exact terms of the settlement undisclosed to the public.

The Independent made efforts to solicit comments from Combs’ representatives regarding the distressing incident captured in the surveillance footage.

These revelations emerge amidst a cascade of civil litigations directed at the esteemed rapper and music mogul, renowned for nurturing the careers of numerous acclaimed artists, all of which level accusations ranging from sex trafficking to sexual assault against him.

Combs vehemently refutes all allegations, with his legal counsel vehemently dismissing the lawsuits and their associated claims as either unfounded or opportunistic endeavors to extract monetary compensation.

It’s pertinent to note that despite the mounting civil allegations, Combs has not been subject to formal charges or indictments from federal prosecutors pertaining to any criminal misconduct.

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