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Successful Repatriation: In a recent development, around 438,376 individuals believed to be illegal Afghan nationals have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan, with 2,597 Afghan citizens making the journey on Monday alone. The returnees included 832 men, 678 women, and 1,087 children.

Official data indicates that 73 families were repatriated using 65 vehicles to facilitate their return to Afghanistan.

An incident on November 26 in Bakka Khel, Bannu, highlighted the presence of an Afghan citizen who detonated himself in a rickshaw. Investigations revealed that the individual had entered Pakistan using a Tazkr-e-Afghanistan Identity card. The act resulted in the loss of two civilian lives and left 10 others injured, including three soldiers. The perpetrator was later identified as an Afghan national affiliated with the Hafiz Gul Bahadur Group.

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Questions have been raised by experts regarding the issuance of legal documents by the Afghan government to individuals associated with extremist groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The public response to the ongoing repatriation efforts has been largely positive, with citizens expressing support for the government’s decision to evacuate illegal Afghan residents. Following a decision made during the Apex Committee meeting on October 1, the government, in collaboration with the Pakistan Army, initiated the repatriation process, ensuring the safe and dignified return of illegal Afghan nationals by the October 31 deadline.

The impact of this deportation is evident in the positive changes reported by citizens, including a significant reduction in street crime and robberies since the departure of Afghan residents. Many citizens have praised the government for taking decisive action, attributing the recovery of businesses and a decrease in terrorism incidents to the absence of Afghan nationals in the country. One citizen emphasized, “Our state decides for us what is best for us,” reflecting widespread approval of the government’s measures.


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