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UAE Permanent Residency

Unlocking Opportunities: UAE Permanent Residency for Competencies and Talents


The Council of Ministers has recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at attracting competencies and talents across vital sectors of the national economy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Among the key features of this integrated system is the introduction of permanent residency, available to investors, individuals of exceptional competence, and outstanding students. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of these new regulations and explore their implications for the nation’s economic landscape.

The New Paradigm: UAE Permanent Residency Visas for Investors

The Council of Ministers has approved regulations granting investors the privilege of obtaining permanent residency visas in the UAE, not just for themselves but for their entire families, spanning a remarkable ten-year duration. Authorities are now tasked with developing comprehensive executive procedures to facilitate the seamless implementation of this groundbreaking initiative.

A Select Group: Professions Eligible for UAE Permanent Residency

Under the newly established ruling, specific professions are singled out for the opportunity to apply for a 10-year permanent residency visa in the UAE. This distinguished list includes doctors, engineers, scientists, inventors, and other specialists in technical sectors and scientific research. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has further directed the Ministry of Economy to conduct a thorough research collaboration to be submitted in the third quarter of this year.

Strategic Economic Diversification

The decisions made by the Council of Ministers align with the UAE’s strategic policy of diversifying its economic base and sources of national income. Structural reforms are being introduced to reduce reliance on oil, with a focus on stimulating non-oil economic sectors to enhance their contribution to the GDP. This strategic shift is anticipated to contribute significantly to the prosperity of various industries, fostering a conducive environment for conducting business and attracting investments.

Global Access: The Geographical Advantage

Situated at a pivotal crossroads between East and West, the UAE’s strategic location is a boon for businesses and investors. This facilitates access to emerging global markets and major business centers in Europe and Asia. The decision to grant permanent residency is poised to further elevate the UAE’s standing as a key player in the Pacific, Africa, and North America.

Fees for UAE Permanent Residency

Investors and professionals falling within the specified categories can now apply for a 10-year visa issuance or renewal for AED 1,150. This fee comprises AED 150 for the application form and AED 1,000 for the issuance. Notably, family members of applicants are also eligible for 10-year visas at the same cost. For those opting for a 5-year visa, the fee is set at 650 UAE dirhams, consisting of 150 dirhams for the application form and 500 dirhams for the issuance.


In conclusion, the Council of Ministers’ decision to introduce permanent residency for competencies and talents in the UAE marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s economic trajectory. With a focus on economic diversification, global access, and strategic investments, these regulations are poised to unlock a new era of growth and prosperity.

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UAE Permanent Residency


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