Pakistan Hajj Policy
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Pakistan hajj Policy 2024-Normally Government of Pakistan announces policy somewhere in December or January; however, this year Saudi Arabia has issued timelines for Haj 2024 which has fast forwarded the pre Haj activities by almost 04 months. Being a facilitator, government endeavors to make the arrangements comfortable for intended pilgrims. The arrangements includes boarding, lodging, transportation and health care.

Pakistan Hajj Policy

Quota for Pakistan Hajj Policy 2024

There shall be two schemes “Government Scheme” through government  and “Private Scheme” through Haj Group Organizers (HGOs). Ratio of the two will remain 50:50. Each package would have 89,605 application.

Salient Features of Pakistan Hajj Policy 2024

  • Quota this year is 179,210.
  • Quota under Govt package is 89,605
  • Quota under Haj Group Organizers (HGOs) is 89,605
  • Out of the Govt scheme, 25,000 quota shall be reserved for Sponsorship package. Applicants shall be required to deposit their dues in foreign exchange remitted from abroad through banking channel.
  • Quota of 50% of private package shall be reserved for Sponsorship scheme
  • Sponsorship quota will be exempted from Balloting and served on first come first serve basis
  • Pilgrims will be provided suitcase, hand carry bags, abaya, Ahraam Belt,and shoe bag also included in the package
  • Any amount which is saved by the government will be returned to pilgrims.

Basic Facilities of Pakistan hajj Policy 2024 

  • Training
  • Vaccination
  • Medical facilities in Saudia Arab
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Shared accommodation in Makkah and Madina
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Zam Zam water 05 Litre
  • Takaful Fund

Pakistan Hajj Policy 2024

Optional facilities for Pakistan Hajj Policy 2024. (In case facility is not provided, amount will be refunded)

  • Qurbani
  • Luxury Boarding (Double or Triple Bed) in Makkah subject to the availability of separate room
  • Extended 3 to 5 days to stay in Madina in long package

Mandatory Conditions Pakistan hajj Policy 2024

  • International Machine-Readable Pak Passport valid up-to 16-12-2024 with valid CNIC , for overseas having National identity Card is valid (NICOP) till 16-12-2024.
  • Valid bank account
  • Valid vaccination certificate of Covid-19 of any 10 approved vaccines. Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford AstraZeneca, Janssen, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Covaxin, Sputnik- (V), Nuvaxovid and Covovax
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Those pilgrims who have performed haj within last five years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023) are not eligible this year. However intended pilgrims under sponsorship program are exempted from this restriction.
  • Special citizens /disabled applicants are required to be accompanied by an attendant to proceed for Haji
  • In case, the intending pilgrim health status is discovered contrary to the medical certification, his nominee shall solely be responsible for any mishap in KSA and the Ministry reserves the right to cancel his selection for Hajj or repatriation from KSA at any time at his own cost (in case he is the only Mehram/trelper in his group then accompanying females/dependents shall also be deported at their own cost) in case of a female patient the same shall apply. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the delinquent medical officers through the relevant authorities.
  • Any activity on the part of a pilgrim contrary to laws/ regulations of Saudi Arabia like begging,political and immoral practices, drug trafficking, theft, etc. shall disqualify the offender for future visit of any kind to KSA by the Government of Pakistan, in addition to any other legal action taken by Saudi authorities. Moreover, as per Saudi laws,”Drug Trafficking” is banned and in case of violation, perpetrators can be imprisoned, lashed, or even publicly executed/beheaded.

Expenses for Pakistan hajj Policy 2024

Govt Package
South Region(Karachi, Quetta, Sukkhur) North Region(Other cities)
Long  package regular Package Rs 1,065,000 Rs 1075000
sponsor ship package $3,765 $3,800
Short Package regular package Rs 1,140,000 Rs 1,150,000
sponsor ship package $4,015 $4,050


Optional Facilities Optional facilities. (In case facility not provided amount will be refunded) Qurbani Rs 56,000 $200
Double bed in Makkah Rs 175,000 $615
Tripple Bed Rs 58,000 $205
Extended 3 to 5 days stay in madina -34000 ($120)

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