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Bread prices have been slashed in Punjab, providing much-needed relief to households. This price reduction follows a recent decrease in naan and roti prices, offering welcome relief to consumers. According to a recently issued notification, bread prices have been reduced by Rs50 to Rs70, with the new rates taking effect immediately.

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In Lahore, the price of 750 grammes of bread has been reduced to Rs180 from Rs230. The deputy commissioner of Lahore has announced that the maximum price for 400 grammes of bread will now be Rs95. Authorities have ensured that these new prices will be enforced promptly, guaranteeing that consumers reap the benefits of the reduction without delay.

On May 23, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced the new price of roti, which was further reduced to Rs14. The Punjab government has taken steps to reduce the price of roti in various areas, including Lahore, where it is now fixed at Rs14, and Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar, where it is fixed at Rs12.

However, naanbais in Multan have refused to comply with the fixed price of roti, despite the government’s efforts to provide relief to citizens through affordable roti. Naanbais in Multan continue to sell roti at the old price, prompting citizens to demand government action to implement its decision and provide relief to the people.

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