Credit: Army Chief General Asim Munir during a candid discussion with members of prominent US think tanks and media. — ISPR
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In a recent interaction with members of prominent US think tanks and media in Washington, Chief of Army Staff COAS General Asim Munir conveyed Pakistan’s commitment to steering clear of bloc politics, emphasizing its dedication to maintaining balanced relations with all friendly nations, including China and the United States, as disclosed by the military’s media wing on Wednesday.

General Munir, discussing Pakistan’s geopolitical and geoeconomic significance, articulated the country’s ambition to evolve into a connectivity hub and a gateway to Central Asia and beyond.

He underscored Pakistan’s avoidance of bloc politics, emphasizing the belief in sustaining equilibrium in relationships with friendly nations.

During the discourse, General Munir elaborated on Pakistan’s stance regarding regional security, transnational terrorism, and the imperative of upholding strategic stability in South Asia.

He expressed Pakistan’s eagerness to enhance bilateral engagement with the United States through a long-term multi-domain partnership.

Highlighting the positive and forward-looking nature of his interactions with US political and military leadership during his visit, General Munir emphasized Pakistan’s historical role as a stronghold against transnational terrorism, contributing significantly to regional stability and global peace.

COAS General Asim Munir

Addressing the enduring fight against terrorism, General Munir reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to continue the struggle until its logical conclusion, aligning with the aspirations of the Pakistani people. He also stressed the imperative resolution of the Kashmir Issue in accordance with the desires of the people of Kashmir and the UNSC Resolutions.

Regarding Kashmir, General Munir asserted its international status as a dispute and emphasized that no unilateral action could alter its nature against the wishes of millions in the region. Additionally, he strongly advocated for the immediate cessation of sufferings in Gaza, the provision of humanitarian assistance, and the implementation of a two-state solution for lasting peace in the region.

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