Future Fest 2024
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In a league of its own, Future Fest stands tall as Pakistan’s premier conference, drawing an illustrious assembly of international speakers and spanning 50+ industries nationwide.

Beyond Boundaries: Future Fest 2024 Unveiled

Embarking on its third edition from January 26-28 at the Expo Center in Lahore, Future Fest 2024 surpasses its predecessors with a remarkable showcase, boasting an unparalleled assembly of over 300 international speakers, 50 thought-provoking roundtables, and contributions from 700+ experts. This stellar gathering is anticipated to captivate an audience exceeding 100,000 attendees.

A Diverse Global Discourse

Themed “Bridging Global Tech Ecosystems,” Future Fest 2024 hosts extensive discussions covering business, technology, finance, and more. Reflecting Pakistan’s escalating role in the global tech panorama, noteworthy tracks include “Explore Business in Berlin,” “Launch Your Business in the US,” and “Digital Bridge Across Pakistan, UK, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Iran.”

Illuminating Global Leaders

Future Fest takes center stage with luminaries such as Sara Sabry, the pioneering Arab woman astronaut sharing her space odyssey; Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Technology and Innovation Park; Usman Mushtaq, Former Vice Mayor of Oslo; Bookie Ghauri, Head of Digital, Technology & Innovation at Etihad Airways; Zain Moosa, Partner at Magnus Communications; and Kristina Lasenko, Founder of UAE Future Innovation Founders. This exclusive lineup headlines the “WIN Hour,” curated by the esteemed Jimmy Nguyen.

Trailblazing Tracks and Roundtable Sessions

Future Fest introduces a dedicated web3/crypto track addressing “Regulating Virtual Assets in Pakistan.” Concurrently, it features over 50 industry roundtables exploring pivotal topics such as AI, cybersecurity, climate, gaming, e-commerce, hospitality, agritech, proptech, energy, taxation, film/animation, sports, health/wellness, and edtech. This unprecedented approach fosters in-depth discussions and collaborations, setting a new standard for such initiatives in Pakistan.

Spotlight on AI and Web3

A substantial portion of Future Fest 2024 revolves around AI and Web3, encompassing discussions on AI applications across various sectors and hosting the world’s most extensive consensus meetup for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities. Noteworthy speakers include Sandeep Nailwal, Founder of Polygon Labs, and the inaugural global Eth Dencun Launch event in collaboration with Lenea.

Unveiling Future Investments

HRH Prince Fahad bin Mansour Alsaud made a groundbreaking announcement at Future Fest 2023, unveiling a $100 million project set to generate over 1000 jobs in Pakistan. Building on this momentum, Future Fest 2024 promises a dedicated discussion to connect Pakistani investors and entrepreneurs with opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Podcast Rooms and Interactive Dialogues

Building on the success of the previous year, Future Fest 2024 expands on-site podcast rooms, offering a platform for podcasters and guests to capture the captivating journeys and stories of visitors and leaders alike.

Catalyst for Innovation and Economic Surge

Beyond a mere tech spectacle, Future Fest 2024 positions itself as a catalyst for economic growth, making substantial contributions to Pakistan’s economy and job market. As the country’s largest tech event, it anticipates hosting 100,000+ attendees, 300 speakers, and international guests, providing a global perspective to Pakistan’s top 50 industries.

A Tapestry of Experiences

Future Fest 2024, supported by industry giants like Hashoo Group, Graana, The Vertical, EasyPaisa, Google Cloud, and more, transcends the conventional event. With a track record of injecting over $200 million in investments and creating 30,000+ jobs, it remains a cornerstone in Pakistan’s evolving economy.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary convergence of tech and music. Secure your spot now at www.futurefest.pk to be part of Future Fest 2024 at Expo Center Lahore from January 26-28. Join us in witnessing the unprecedented synergy of technology and art!

Agenda of Future Fest 2024

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