Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition
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Meezan Bank introduces an enticing opportunity for adventure enthusiasts through its interest-free financing on the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition via the Meezan Car Ijarah program.

Embark on a unique journey and delve into the ultimate adventure with this robust and feature-packed vehicle.

Unlocking Value with Terms and Conditions

Meezan Bank’s offering extends beyond financing, unlocking value for customers. The bank generously waives processing fees, providing a seamless and cost-effective financing experience. Additionally, Meezan Bank covers the withholding tax, easing the financial burden on customers and enhancing the affordability of the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition.

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Rental Convenience Post-Delivery of Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition

A customer-friendly policy ensures peace of mind, as the monthly rental obligation commences only after the delivery of the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition. This aligns with customers’ convenience, making the overall experience hassle-free.

More Than 10 Additional Features

The Isuzu D Max GTX Edition goes beyond expectations by offering over 10 add-on features and accessories collectively valued at Rs. 500,000. This enriches the ownership experience, turning every journey into a memorable adventure.

Tailored Financing for Your Ease

Monthly Rental Structure: The monthly rental is crafted based on a 77% security deposit, providing flexibility and accommodating financing arrangements.

Financing Details: Avail financing of approximately Rs. 3 million for a tenure of 05 years, ensuring accessibility for a broader range of customers. This tailored financing option makes enjoying the Isuzu DMax GTX Edition convenient and hassle-free.

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