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The Golden Visa UAE has become a beacon of aspiration for thousands, spanning investors, professionals, students, and enterprising minds since its inception in 2019. Dive into the world of unparalleled benefits and discover how this 10 Year residency visa is transforming lives.

Surging Popularity: A 52% Surge in Golden Visa Issuance

As per the statistics from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – Dubai, the first half of 2023 witnessed a remarkable 52% surge in Golden Visa Issuance. By November 2022, over 150,000 Golden Visas had been granted to eligible individuals, including property buyers, investors, and professionals.

Extended Privileges: Beyond Boundaries of Traditional Residency

The Golden Visa comes laden with advantages, extending beyond a mere residency permit. Holders can now secure residence permit for their families, encompassing spouses and children. Notably, the age limit for sponsored children has been extended to 25 years, with no restrictions on unmarried daughters. Even children of determination are granted residence permits, irrespective of age.

Furthermore, there are no limitations on sponsoring domestic workers, and the Golden Residence retains its validity without any constraints on the maximum duration of stay outside the UAE.

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Unlocking the Golden Gateway: Eligibility Criteria and Categories

1. Professionals’ Paradise: Dh30,000 Monthly Salary in Key Industries

Professionals in healthcare, media, IT, and various other industries, boasting a monthly salary of Dh30,000 or above, stand eligible for the Golden Visa.

2. Property Buyers’ Paradise: Dh2 Million Investment Threshold

UAE residents and foreign investors venturing into property ownership with a cumulative value of Dh2 million or more are eligible for the Golden Visa. This encompasses both off-plan and existing properties, marking a significant shift with Dubai waiving the Dh1 million down payment requirement.

3. Wealth’s Sanctuary: Dh2 Million Deposit for High-Net-Worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals have the option to deposit Dh2 million with a local bank for a duration of two years, unlocking the doors to this prestigious visa. Numerous local banks are facilitating this path for interested individuals.

4. Entrepreneurial Elevation: Flexible Criteria for Visionaries

Entrepreneurs with ownership or partnerships in startups falling under the SMEs category, generating annual revenues exceeding Dh1 million, are eligible for the Golden Residency. Notably, those who have been founders of previous entrepreneurial projects, sold for a total value of no less than Dh7 million, can also qualify, subject to approval from relevant authorities.

5. Minds that Illuminate: Scientists, Researchers, and Outstanding Students

Scientific luminaries and researchers with outstanding achievements in engineering, technology, life sciences, and natural sciences, supported by recommendations from the Emirates Scientists Council, are granted Golden Visa residency. This exclusive privilege is extended to those holding a PhD or Master’s Degree from top global universities.

High-performing students in UAE secondary schools and graduates from UAE universities and the world’s top 100 universities can also embrace the Golden Visa. Specific criteria include academic performance, graduation year, and university classification.

The Journey Begins: Embrace the Golden Horizon

As the allure of the UAE’s Golden Visa continues to captivate ambitious minds worldwide, it’s time to embark on a journey where opportunities know no bounds. Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur, a high-net-worth individual, or an academic achiever, the Golden Visa awaits, promising a decade of limitless possibilities and prosperity.

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