Punjab Police Jobs
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Punjab Police Jobs present an exceptional opportunity as the force recently unveiled exciting career prospects, featuring diverse positions like constables, lady constables, driver constables, and traffic assistants. Delve into the intricacies of eligibility criteria and the application process for each role to navigate your way into this rewarding career path.

Constable and Lady Constable Criteria Demystified:

Age Range Tailored for Success:

Prospective applicants from all Punjab districts, except Dera Gazi Khan and Rajanpur’s tribal area, should fall within the age bracket of 18-22 years. Notably, tribal districts enjoy an extended age window of 18-25 years.

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Domicile, Your Regional Stamp:

Candidates must wield the relevant district’s domicile as a crucial prerequisite.

Educational Milestone:

A secondary school certificate stands as a non-negotiable requirement for eligibility.

Sprinting to Success:

Male candidates face the challenge of covering 1.6kms in a commendable seven minutes, while their female counterparts have a 10-minute timeframe to prove their mettle.

Scaling Heights:

Physical stature matters, with a height requirement of 5 feet 7 inches for males and 5 feet 2 inches for females.

Driver Constable Eligibility Criteria:

Age No Barrier:

Aspiring driver constables should be in the age range of 21-30 years.

Domicile and Identity Mandate:

A valid domicile and national identity card (NIC) are indispensable for application.

Academic Foundation:

A secondary school certificate from approved boards is a prerequisite.

Steering Toward Success:

LTV driving license holders with a minimum of two years of experience can apply.

Racing Against Time:

The running test mirrors that of constables, demanding males to cover 1.6kms in seven minutes, and females in a 10-minute timeframe.

Consistent Heights:

Height requirements align with those set for constables.

Traffic Assistant Eligibility:

Age Blueprint:

Candidates eyeing the role of a traffic assistant should be between 18-22 years old.

Racing and Reaching Heights:

Similar to constable and lady constable positions, the running test and height requirements echo those standards.

Eyeing Success:

In addition to the standard criteria, applicants will undergo a thorough eye test.

Streamlining the Jobs Applications Process:

Prospective candidates must follow these steps meticulously to embark on their journey with the Punjab Police:

  1. Download the application form from the official Punjab Police website (www.punjabpolice.gov.pk).
  2. Submit the completed form, along with attested photocopies of the ID card and educational certificates, at the relevant district police lines.
  3. The application window spans from February 3 to 17.
  4. A nominal form fee of Rs200 is applicable.

This comprehensive guide ensures that aspiring candidates are not only well-informed but also adequately prepared to seize the job opportunities that await within the Punjab Police in 2024. Navigate your way to success by understanding the intricacies of eligibility and the application process.

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