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Google’s Fully Funded PhD Fellowship Program: Empowering Global Research

Google has recently launched a comprehensive PhD Fellowship Program, providing full funding for international students, including those hailing from Pakistan. This initiative encompasses diverse research fields such as Algorithms, Machine Learning, Health Research, and more.

Degree Level Coverage

The fellowship targets PhD-level programs and extends its support to universities in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Africa, and India.

Eligibility Criteria for Google PHD Fellowship

To be eligible, candidates must be full-time graduate students pursuing a PhD in the specified regions. Nominees are required to have completed graduate coursework by the academic award year. Notably, Google employees and their relatives are considered ineligible, and students with comparable industry awards are not qualified.

Google PHD fellowship
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Application Process for Google Phd Fellowship

Prospective applicants can access submission forms on the Google PhD Fellowship Program page during the designated application period. Each region has specific requirements, including CVs, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and detailed research proposals.

Specifics for Africa, India, and Southeast Asia

In these regions, applicants must furnish a resume, transcripts, research proposal, and recommendation letters. Additionally, African applicants are expected to provide a short resume of the PhD program advisor and an essay elucidating the impact of the scholarship on their education.

Overall Objective

The overarching goal of this fellowship program is to bolster exceptional PhD candidates globally, fostering research excellence across various critical areas of study.

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