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In a recent revelation in a UK court, Rockstar Games disclosed that the GTA 6 leak in September 2022 caused significant financial and operational damage, totaling up to $5 million and requiring thousands of staff hours for recovery efforts. The breach, orchestrated by Arion Kurtaj from the hacking group Lapsus$, exposed more than 90 screenshots and videos of an early GTA6 build before the official announcement of the game. Kurtaj, initially arrested in July 2023, faced legal complications but was re-apprehended a month later.

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Despite this setback, Rockstar successfully launched the official GTA6 trailer, only to face another challenge—a premature leak a day before the scheduled reveal. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges that game developers encounter in securing their projects from cyber threats. Rockstar’s ability to recover and engage fans with the official trailer underscores the resilience of the gaming industry.

As technology advances, developers must remain vigilant, implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect highly anticipated projects from unauthorized disclosures. Such leaks not only jeopardize financial investments but also compromise the element of surprise crucial to a game’s success.

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