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Investment Trends 2023- New research by Topline Securities says that in 2023, the stock market gave the best profits – 53%! That means it did better than other choices like the Naya Pakistan Certificate (33%), the US Dollar (21%), and Gold (18%). The KSE 100 Index, which checks the 100 most traded companies, went up from 42,323 to 61,705.09 points by December 22, 2023.Investment trends 2023

People with Naya Pakistan Certificates, which is like a savings plan in dollars, got 33% more money in rupees. This made it the second-best after the stock market.

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Even though a lot of people liked the US Dollar, it only gave a 25% return in banks and 21% in open markets. This is less than what the stock market gave, even if you add the extra money from a one-year savings plan.

In 2023, many liked government securities because the central bank gave high interest rates. People who put money in the three-month treasury bills and kept doing it every three months got 23% more money.

Gold, which is a safe thing to invest in, got 18% more money in rupees. For example, the price for 10 grams of gold went up from Rs157,836 to Rs186,900 in our local market. In the world market, the price for gold went up from US$1,826 per ounce to US$2,065 per ounce in 2023.

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In 2023, some people liked to put their money in safe things like bank accounts, special savings plans, and money market funds. Banks gave an average of 17%, and a special savings plan called National Savings 3-year Special Saving Certificate gave 13%. Companies that manage money for people gave an average of 20%.

Real Estate Recovery-In 2023, houses and land, which had not been selling well, started to get better in Karachi, the biggest city and the money center of our country. According to, a popular online place for property, the prices of houses, land for houses, and land for businesses in Karachi went up by 6-29% in 2023. This depends on where the property is and how big it is.

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