FBR Requires Integration of Various Businesses, Including Educational Institutions and Hospitals, with POS System
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FBR alert for Non-filers- In a decisive move, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a stern caution to individuals who fail to submit their income tax returns, warning of potential repercussions such as the freezing of bank accounts and limitations on both domestic and international travel.

Muhammad Asif, Chief of Broadening the Tax Base (BTB), declared that a nationwide survey is currently underway to target businesses and commercial entities in order to identify non-filers for registration purposes. Non-filers are strongly advised to promptly register with their nearest tax office to evade penalties, fines, utility disconnection, bank account suspension, and, in severe cases, restrictions on motorway and international air travel.Non-Filers

FBR’s field formations throughout the country are actively conducting surveys and gathering information on businesses and commercial activities, and this information will soon be made available on the FBR website.

Official documents emphasize that Pakistan, with a population of 240 million, confronts the challenge of having a narrow tax base, with only 5.2 million individuals registered in the tax system and filing returns in 2022.

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The country grapples with extensive tax evasion, a low tax-to-GDP ratio, and a deficiency in the number of tax filers, all of which impact revenue generation and impede critical public services and socioeconomic development initiatives.Non-Filers

Acknowledging the urgent necessity to broaden the tax base, the FBR has launched a nationwide initiative targeting eligible individuals and those with taxable income, urging them to register with the tax system and file their income returns. The objective is to add 1.5 million new taxpayers during the current year.

With the FBR possessing data on almost all eligible non-filers, individuals are counseled to take advantage of the available time, visit their nearest tax office, and get registered to avert potential consequences, including penalties, fines, utility disconnection, bank account suspension, and, in extreme cases, travel restrictions on motorways and abroad, as cautioned by Muhammad Asif.

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