Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition
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In 2024, Ghandhara Industries Limited is maintaining its tradition of regularly introducing fresh ISUZU D-Max models, and it has recently revealed the highly anticipated ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition. Priced at 12,400,000 PKR in Pakistan, this edition aims to enhance the driving experience with a focus on exceptional durability, driving comfort, safety, and advanced features.

What sets the GTX edition apart is its inclusion of complimentary add-ons valued at Rs. 500,000, demonstrating the company’s dedication to delivering remarkable value to its customers. These additions encompass crucial safety features such as sonar sensors for secure reverse maneuvers and a spare tire lock for enhanced security.

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The introduction of the ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition underscores Ghandhara Industries’ commitment to providing a premium driving experience. Furthermore, construction contracts have been granted for completion by mid-2026, reinforcing the company’s pledge to excel in the automotive industry.

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