LDA Crackdown
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The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is ramping up its efforts to combat illegal constructions in the city, launching a comprehensive LDA crackdown on Friday. Acting on the orders of Director General Muhammad Ali Randhawa, officials conducted operations in various areas, including Ferozepur Road, Johar Town, Nasheman Iqbal, and the Controlled Area, targeting unauthorized structures and properties.

The LDA crackdown resulted in the demolition of an illegal commercial hall, service station, workshop, shops, a double-story building, and various other unauthorized structures. Additionally, the authority sealed 25 shops found to be violating construction regulations.

Chief Town Planner II Azhar Ali, along with Director Town Planning IV and Director Town Planning VII, closely supervised the LDA crackdown operation. It’s important to note that the targeted properties had received multiple warnings from the LDA prior to the demolition and sealing actions.

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This LDA crackdown sends a strong message to those considering or currently engaged in illegal construction activities within the city. The LDA emphasizes adhering to established regulations and obtaining proper authorization before commencing any construction project.

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