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On Wednesday, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) granted approval for a tariff hike of Rs2.87 per unit for K-Electric consumers, marking the second consecutive increase in power rates within a week.

This recent increment of Rs2.87 per unit is a component of the quarterly tariff adjustment (QTA) applicable from January to March 2023.

A similar adjustment of Rs1.25 per unit, sanctioned on December 29, also pertained to the aforementioned period, resulting in a cumulative impact of Rs4.12 per unit, posing a substantial burden on consumers in Karachi.

Nepra’s decision is currently awaiting notification from the federal government. K-Electric’s spokesperson, Imran Rana, asserted that the QTA impact is typically not transferred to consumers under a uniform tariff policy applicable nationwide, and a formal decision on this matter will be made by the government.

Nepra justified the increase as a measure to address the backlog of quarterly tariff adjustments and to establish a consistent tariff policy and regulatory framework nationwide.

The federal government, aligning with the National Electricity Policy 2021, endorsed the hike to maintain a standardized consumer-end tariff for both K-Electric and state-owned distribution companies.

In addition to the tariff adjustments, Nepra notified an extra fuel cost adjustment of Rs3.08 per unit for consumers of ex-Wapda distribution companies, applicable to power consumed in October 2023. This adjustment, with a net financial impact of around Rs 28.5 billion, excludes electric vehicle charging

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