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Pakistan’s tax authorities are taking decisive measures against individuals evading taxes, specifically targeting those with known taxable income who have failed to file their tax returns. In a significant crackdown, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued notices to hundreds of thousands of such individuals. As part of stringent actions, commencing from January 15, authorities will block the SIM cards and mobile phones of these tax evaders.

In a proactive approach to tackle non-compliance with tax regulations, the FBR plans to issue orders on January 15 to block SIM cards and cell phones owned by individuals who have neglected their tax obligations. Federal law enforcement agencies are set to implement strict measures against those found to be non-compliant with tax requirements.

In addition to mobile phone-related measures, officials are considering strategies to disconnect electricity and gas connections for individuals refusing to pay taxes. However, in the current year (2024), the Revenue Department faces a challenge due to the lack of data on the electricity connections of individuals who have not filed their taxes.

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This comprehensive strategy aims to encourage tax compliance and discourage individuals from evading their tax responsibilities. The blocking of SIM cards and mobile phones represents a significant step to ensure accountability and motivate individuals to fulfill their tax obligations.

The broader measures, including the potential disconnection of utility services, underscore the government’s dedication to addressing tax evasion and fostering a culture of financial responsibility among citizens.

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