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OpenAI has unveiled its latest diffusion model named Sora (AI model for text-to-video creation), specifically crafted for the creation of text-to-video content. Developed by the team behind ChatGPT, this innovative AI model empowers the generation of videos with diverse resolutions and aspect ratios.

Additionally, Sora facilitates the editing of existing videos, enabling rapid modifications to scenery, lighting, and filming techniques directly through text commands. The model also possesses the capability to generate videos from a single still image and enhance pre-existing video content by seamlessly incorporating missing frames.

Moreover, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, is ambitiously pursuing the creation of a chip infrastructure valued at trillions of dollars.

The sample videos produced by Sora showcase significant promise, with OpenAI asserting that the model can effortlessly generate minute-long videos in 1080p resolution. A representative video from the company’s landing page serves as a testament to Sora’s capabilities.

Open AI characterizes Sora as a model proficient in generating intricate scenes featuring multiple characters, specific motion types, and precise subject and background details. It not only comprehends user prompts but also interprets how these elements manifest in the physical world.

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Sora operates by disassembling images or videos into smaller units known as patches, aligning with the transformer architecture employed by ChatGPT. The video creation process commences with static noise, which Sora diligently works to eliminate, resulting in the final product.

In a commitment to safety, Open AI has announced the implementation of safety measures developed for DALLĀ·E 3 to assess potential risks in Sora. Rigorous testing by a team of specialists, known as “red teamers,” precedes the public release.

Furthermore, OpenAI is actively engaging in discussions with policymakers, artists, and educators to explore potential applications and address any issues associated with Sora. While an official release date is pending, Open AI assures that Sora will soon become a product, potentially integrating with ChatGPT in the future.

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