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In the dynamic realm of cricket, the anticipation for thePakistan Super League 9 Schedule is at its peak. We, at Dusk News, have meticulously compiled a comprehensive guide to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the proposed schedule for PSL 9.

Decoding the Proposed PSL 9 Schedule

Breaking Down Match Dates and Venues

The proposed PSL 9 schedule promises an exhilarating lineup of cricket clashes, strategically planned across various iconic venues. Dive into the heart of the action as we unveil the match dates and venues, allowing you to mark your calendars and plan your attendance or TV viewing accordingly.

Teams’ Showdown: A Closer Look

Witness the anticipated face-offs between cricket powerhouses as teams clash in riveting encounters during PSL 9. Our detailed analysis delves into the team dynamics, recent form, and historical matchups, providing you with valuable insights into the potential outcomes of each battle

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Key Players to Watch

Batting Brilliance

In the fast-paced world of T20 cricket, batsmen play a pivotal role. Explore our breakdown of key players showcasing extraordinary batting prowess, analyzing their recent performances and highlighting their potential impact on PSL 9.

Bowling Mastery

Bowlers can often be the game-changers. Uncover the standout bowlers set to dominate PSL 9, as we delve into their skill sets, recent achievements, and the strategic role they’ll play in shaping the destiny of their respective teams.

Fan Engagement and Social Buzz

Stay connected with the latest buzz surrounding PSL 9 by actively participating in our social media discussions. Join the conversation, share your predictions, and engage with other cricket enthusiasts as we build the excitement leading up to the tournament.


In conclusion, our detailed guide to the proposed PSL 9 schedule offers a comprehensive overview of the tournament, from match details to player analyses. Stay ahead of the curve with Dusk News as we bring you unparalleled insights into the cricketing extravaganza that is PSL 9. Embrace the thrill, mark your calendars, and get ready for an unforgettable cricketing spectacle.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) schedule:

Date Match Venue
Feb 17 Qalandars vs United Lahore
Feb 18 Gladiators vs Zalmi Lahore
Feb 18 Sultans vs Kings Multan
Feb 19 Qalandars vs Gladiators Lahore
Feb 20 Sultans vs United Multan
Feb 21 Zalmi vs Kings Lahore
Feb 21 Sultans vs Qalandars Multan
Feb 22 Gladiators vs United Lahore
Feb 23 Sultans vs Zalmi Multan
Feb 24 Qalandars vs Kings Lahore
Feb 25 Sultans vs Gladiators Multan
Feb 25 Qalandars vs Zalmi Lahore
Feb 26 Zalmi vs United Lahore
Feb 27 Qalandars vs Sultans Lahore
Feb 28 Kings vs United Karachi
Feb 29 Rest day
Mar 1 Zalmi vs Qalandars Rawalpindi
Mar 1 United vs Gladiators Rawalpindi
Mar 2 Kings vs Sultans Karachi
Mar 3 United vs Zalmi Rawalpindi
Mar 4 Kings vs Gladiators Karachi
Mar 5 Zalmi vs Sultans Rawalpindi
Mar 6 United vs Qalandars Rawalpindi
Mar 6 Gladiators vs Kings Rawalpindi
Mar 7 United vs Kings Rawalpindi
Mar 8 Zalmi vs Gladiators Rawalpindi
Mar 9 Kings vs Qalandars Karachi
Mar 10 United vs Sultans Rawalpindi
Mar 10 Gladiators vs Qalandars Rawalpindi
Mar 11 Kings vs Zalmi Karachi
Mar 12 Gladiators vs Sultans Karachi
Mar 13 Rest day
Mar 14 Qualifier (Team 1 vs Team 2) Karachi
Mar 14 Eliminator 1 (Team 3 vs Team 4) Karachi


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