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Mohammed Inam, the recent recipient of the Dh15 million grand prize in the Easy6 game jackpot at the Emirates Draw, is set to enter 2024 as a newly minted millionaire and become a UAE millionaire.

Inam, originally from Islamabad, Pakistan, expressed that his top priority is to fulfill a lifelong aspiration—the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj, which he considers “a spiritual odyssey of profound significance.”

Currently residing in the UAE, Inam works as a finance auditor in a private firm based in Abu Dhabi.

His journey into purchasing raffle tickets began in 2021 after coming across an advertisement on social media. Despite participating for an extended period, it is only now that his perseverance has paid off.

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Inam remarked, “Alhamdulillah, many of my aspirations can now come to fruition.” He revealed that this victory caught him off guard, as he deviated from his usual methodical approach this time, randomly selecting numbers with closed eyes.

“This is the only instance I randomly selected numbers by closing my eyes. I didn’t even know the numbers I picked. If I had seen them, I might not have participated with this selection, as I chose 14 and 15 consecutively.”

Initially dismissing the life-changing call as a prank, Inam later acknowledged the reality and realized he is now a millionaire. He first shared the news with his wife, marking the commencement of their journey into a new era of financial prosperity.

Addressing his immediate plans for utilizing his winnings, Inam spoke of acquiring a family car. “All other investments and expenses will be put on hold and addressed after my family’s Hajj pilgrimage,” Inam explained.

After Hajj, Inam outlined his intentions to invest in the real estate market of the UAE. Additionally, a portion of his windfall will be directed towards charitable causes.


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